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In a rapidly evolving world marketing has to create authentic value, craft intriguing stories, and offer data-driven solutions. With 15 years of experience in driving real-world outcomes, I’m here to help brands and organisations do just that.

About Me

A passion for bringing ideas to life charted my journey across the marketing & communications spectrum with top tier advertisers, marketers and brand consultants. From sectors as distinct as environmental nonprofits and telecom giants, to regions as varied as business centres like London and biodiversity hotspots in India, I've braved many challenges.

I’ve launched national campaigns, programmes, products, stores and events with colleagues; helped global and local brands find their share of voice and reinvent themselves with pioneering branding and design; created a marketing strategy for a USAID funded social enterprise that conserves forests and sustains indigenous tribes; supported the theory of change of scientists protecting India’s wildlife.

I bring a big picture perspective and eye for detail to discovering opportunities and designing strategies that create and communicate value. A deep thinker curious about human behaviour, I'll fuss over your mission and meaningful experiences for your audience. Scale fascinates me. Collaboration fuels me. I find my muse in nature, my solace in literature, and my spirituality in Kathak. Contributing to creating an equitable and sustainable world is my vision.

Reach out to see how I can help you to realize yours.


Featured Work

Communication & Outreach Strategy for Wildlife Conservation Trust, India

Role: Communications & Outreach Lead; Creative & Content Supervisor for Website, Social Media and Print; Institutional Brand Consultant.

Nonprofit outreach typically focuses on educating audiences about the criticality of the cause. I designed a strategy that grew the scope of communications from raising awareness to driving outcomes for their mission: I conceptualised communication plans and tools to support critical phases of their Theory of Change; leveraged audience insights to enhance visibility, relevance and impact of outreach efforts; and differentiated their unique competencies and thought leadership to elevate the brand and attract philanthropic funding.

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Marketing Strategy for a social enterprise initiated by ATREE, India

Role: Marketing & Communications Consultant; Researcher of enterprise-based models of conservation worldwide


ATREE is a world top 20 environmental think tank. It set up a USAID and Biodiversity Conservation Network funded social enterprise to sustainably harvest, process and sell forest honey and berries. The enterprise enables sustainable livelihoods for indigenous tribes, and incentivises the conservation of the forest. Based on my field and market research & insights, I created a marketing and rebranding strategy to address challenges in product differentiation, distribution, and sales, so as to improve profit margins and enhance benefits to the tribal community. 

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Brand Campaigns for Vodafone
at Ogilvy, India

Role: Advertising Account Director/ Client Manager; agency-side Campaign and Project Manager; National brand custodian for regional ads

I worked on many award winning national brand campaigns created by Ogilvy and Vodafone, including the iconic Indian Premier League brand campaign featuring zoozoos - Internet is Fun - which won the Asian Marketing Effectiveness & Strategy Award, the MINT Top of Mind Ad Survey, and acquired 2 million new mobile internet users for Vodafone. Campaigns were featured in 360 ̊ media - television, print, digital, direct, press, radio, point of sale, outdoor and on-ground activations. The role required adapting resourcefully and fostering collaboration in a dynamic, fast-paced environment and a sector rife with competition.


Skills & Services

Communication +
Content Strategy

  • Institutional & Programme Narratives

  • Storytelling & Content Strategy

  • Outreach & Engagement

  • Content Marketing

  • Content Development for Websites, Social Media, Newsletters, Podcasts, Press, Print, Film and more

Leadership +
Programme Management

  • Cross-functional Project Management

  • Programme Management

  • Lead Nurturing & Relationship Building with clients, partners and stakeholders

  • Team Building

Digital + Integrated 
Marketing Campaigns

  • Integrated Multimedia Campaigns across 360 ̊ traditional and digital media

  • Digital Marketing Strategy for Web, Social, Search, Email, Inbound, Organic and Paid Media

  • Campaign Management

  • Marketing Analytics

Brand Insights + 

  • 360 ̊ Brand Audit and Competitive/ Peer Review

  • Unique Value Proposition, Purpose Planning

  • Audience Segmentation, Targeting and Positioning

  • Marketing Strategy for Brands, Social Enterprises, Nonprofits, Foundations and Mission-driven Organisations

Skills Services

Clients & Collaborations

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